Killer Asteroids, Watch OUT!

19/02/2009 15:23

             IF U.S. CONGRESS IS CONCERNED ABOUT A KILLER ASTEROID, APOPHIS, making a close encounter in 2029 and then, hit the earth in a 1/44,000 probability in 2036, this news (see attached) hopefully does not ruin your 2008 Christmas celebration. That 1,000 ft wide- 50 million tonner stone is still relatively way out about 17 million miles away from earth.

            Of course, you and I know by now that mother earth is being slammed by these space materials which originally came from the “creation of the solar system” (biblical) or “big bang” (evolution of universe and solar system). There a thousands of them around the asteroid belt just between Mars and Venus. Some had been identified by NASA while others are still out there just about to visit the earth like a thief in the night.            

The most recent recorded space debris that hit the earth was the Tunguska Asteroid. In 1908 a small asteroid (perhaps 50 meters across and 100,000 tons) hit Tunguska, Siberia and flattened 60 million trees. Scientists who are conducting a research-survey in the area believed that a small lake was formed out of the blast which was witnessed by a Siberian farmer. When the asteroid hit the region, astronomers then did not have any warning of its arrival. Since it happened during the era of the Russian Revolution, no transparent scientific survey was done until the 1940s and 2006.            

 Another asteroid devastation recorded by its natural effect, a deep excavation, was the MeteorCrater in Arizona, USA It was     just 80 feet (24 meters) across,  created Meteor Crater 20,000 to 50,000 years ago.             

            The complete annihilation of the dinosaurs, according to scientists, was the result of a large asteroid hitting the early during the early eons. In fact, cosmologists consider the moon as the result of a large object as big as Mars hitting the earth thus creating the moon.            

            Will we reach 2029 and 2036 to witness a near-miss or a real hit? By then, most of us( nowin our sixties) will be 88 years old and if we consider the probability factor (taking into account our life style of too much steak and wine with a MCDO on the side), I really doubt it. But anyway, let the young ones worry but GOD FORBID, some of them may  not  make their real honeymoon in the moon when space tourist travel will be just an ordinary flight or a vacation in Mars where men are really from Mars and Women from Venus!