Killer Asteroids, Watch OUT!

19/02/2009 15:23
             IF U.S. CONGRESS IS CONCERNED ABOUT A KILLER ASTEROID, APOPHIS, making a close encounter in 2029 and then, hit the earth in a 1/44,000 probability in 2036, this news (see attached) hopefully does not ruin your 2008 Christmas celebration. That 1,000 ft wide- 50 million tonner stone is still relatively way out about 17 million miles away from earth.             Of course, you and I know by now that mother earth is being slammed by these space materials which...


07/02/2009 11:29
            No, this is not what you think  --an exhortation for membership in a sun worshipping club – nor, a resuscitation of  Jacques Rouseau’s Philosophy, the Natural Man. Let me keep you guessing until you get what I wish to impart.             When we were kids, we used to observe how the ants in our backyard in a strange regular pattern would collect bits and pieces of food. After almost 50 years, we read that social scientists are researching on the social...


03/02/2009 02:00
                Ancient human ancestors would probably have aged beyond hundred years on the average life expectancy. The oldest biblical person, Methuselah, lived about 937 years.  If one were to consider the genomic map of the world and the timeline created by the scientists at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbour in collaboration with other geneticists working on a Human Genome Diversity Project, a reasonable question is, “How could the homo erectus from 1.8 million years survive into a homo...